No costs … an affordable drink that eliminates “snoring”


Snoring causes many health problems, and it mainly occurs due to increased mucus secretions in the nasal passages and throat, which reduces the smooth flow of air.

According to “healthy-holistic-living”, which is concerned with medical and health news, there is a simple yet effective solution to the problem of snoring during sleep.

It is a cup of juice prepared from affordable ingredients, natural and organic ingredients, to achieve an effective result in this regard.

the ingredients:

Two apples

And two islands

And a quarter of a lemon

And a piece of ginger.

It is recommended to eat this mixture shortly before bedtime.

The natural elements present in this juice also contribute to reducing mucous secretions in the nasal passages and throat, which helps to breathe easily during sleep, and thus contribute to the treatment of snoring.

He points out that nutrition experts provide several tips to help get rid of snoring, which are as follows, which are to stop eating chocolate, avoid fried foods, and reduce eating foods that contain flour.


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