Noreen’s will before her death: “Please pray for me … and consecrate me after the burial.”


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Noreen and her father

A state of sadness and shock experienced by the pioneers of social networking, after the news of the departure of “Noreen Farag”, grieving the death of her father, “Faraj al-Gharabli,” a teacher of geography, after being infected with the new Corona virus early last month.

Noreen had contracted lupus, and she was undergoing treatment for weeks in a hospital in Mansoura, until she followed her father, grieving him, as it had a lot to do with him.

The departure of Noreen’s father put her in a state of great sadness, to write her will at the time of her death, as if she senses that her departure is soon, and through her personal account on the Facebook site, Noreen wrote her will.

And Noreen wrote: “The truth that we all know and are certain of is that we all, our Lord, wrote to us that we die at a specific, unknown date, and for that reason I wrote this words because I need certain needs that you work and needs that you do fear and I do not want someone to do them just because they are known and their time of course I don’t know what I say to anyone.” .

Noreen continued in her will: “The funeral prayer is more important than honor, and it is the one who has more than the number and all of my rewards, what was more .. I ask you to pray on me even if I wear fuchsia, I don’t have to be black..It is not a condition that honor comes and I wish I would work at home or anywhere Simple and with his money you look to me for ongoing charity. ”

And the late woman continued in her will: “Please, it has not been proven or agreed upon that the sealing of the Qur’an has been done for the deceased, that it will deliver it .. but it is proven that supplication and charity will be delivered .. so please, this particular time is not.

She also continued: “There is no traditional current charity, meaning the Qur’ans, a lot in Egypt, or every house there is a it is possible to put money in a mosque that is adopted or in a wheelchair in a hospital for patients to benefit from .. The second most important need is supplication, prayer and charity.”

And Noreen continued in her will: “Please intensify the supplication at the time of the grave’s descent and give charity to any need, with the intention that our Lord will make my grave a garden from the garden of paradise … I wish, after you bury me, sit with me a little and I am urgent and walk for Tunisia on a night like this .. Call me a lot for that. If there is no one to invite me … Ask about my beloved ones, always and their friendliness, and keep you close to them. “

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