Nour Amr Diab raises controversy about her religion … in pictures


Raised “Nour”, the daughter of the Egyptian artistAmr diabA great controversy on social media, after some believed that she had changed her religion, and appeared wearing a cross in a new photo that she published on her own page.
Nour responded to this by confirming that the chain symbolizes one of the international brands that take this form, stressing that it is not a cross.
This series brought back to mind what was reported in 2008 about Amr’s embracing of Christianity, after he disappeared due to his illness, until he issued a statement in which he denied his conversion to Christianity, and in which he expressed his surprise at raising an issue related to his loyalty to the Islamic religion that he grew up in, and learning its origins from his father, who He used to memorize, refine and interpret the Holy Qur’an.


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