Now, 12h HD .. You knock on my door 3sk 12 episode in full Arabic


We save you The love story of the series, “You knock my door,” episode 12, translated The entire Arabic language, as we complete the events that we were exposed to last week on Fox TV during the episode of Knock Babi 12 translators Yobest, and we know how things returned to their course between Ida and Serkan after a great phase of conflicts, and now fox tv Sen Çal Kapımı has shown 12 full , And we will attach you, knock on my door, complete episode 12.

It came at the beginning of knocking on my door, episode 12 twelve, how Serkan managed to fix the things that were spoiled by Celine between him and Ida, and he actually convinced Ida and made her heart tilt again and forgive him. In Turkish, the story of Love Atrak Babi provides the full twelfth episode tonight, and we attach it to you now through the complete video that we attach to you.

On Wednesday evening, you can watch the episode on Fox Channel, and the 12th episode broadcasting the series “Knock Babi H12” will be via the next frequency at exactly nine oclock in the evening UAE time, and the episode will be transmitted at eight oclock in the evening in Saudi, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, as it is broadcast At exactly seven oclock, Egyptian local time.

We have attached some parts of the episode tonight of the series You knock my door with 12 translators, and we will learn with you the details of the full episode dubbed in Arabic, and all you have to do is follow us through our official website.

You knock on my door, 12 Çal Kapımı
You knock on my door, 12 Çal Kapımı

Fox TV frequency knocking my door 12 h

You can get the frequency of the channel that displays the series as follows: –

Satellite: Nilesat.
Frequency: 11296.
Coding: 27500.
Polarization: vertical.

اطرق بابي 12 Knock My Door

We transferred to you the sections of the tonight episode in Arabic, and we got to know the events of the series You knock my door, episode 12 fully translated, and we will attach it to you in full every week with dubbed details.

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