Nude pictures, the watch is $ 100, and the week is a quarter of a million pounds … customary stories of underage marriage


Underage marriage… a phenomenon that is not new, which has been repeated a lot in the context of the desire to obtain money, as parents present their daughter, who has not yet completed the age of 15 and 18 years, as a custom wife to obtain money.

Marrying off a Zagazig minor

In the city of Zagazig in the Governorate of Sharkia, Fatima, 13 years old, was accused in a report received by the security services, and her father had married her twice by custom, and by conducting the necessary investigations about the incident, showing the validity of the girl’s statements, and that she got married by custom and gave birth to a month-old child from the first husband and separated from him, then remarried. From another person and broke up with him after a while.

– Filming the girl naked

Investigations into the incident revealed that the girl’s family and relatives tortured the girl and photographed her naked to force her to return to her husband again, and after the investigations were completed, the prosecution referred the case to the court, which ruled to punish the father and husband and 3 others with 10 years imprisonment.

Minor on Facebook

In the same context, the security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed that a person had created a page on the social networking site – Facebook – in conjunction with a woman, to use it to attract those wishing to marry underage girls in exchange for sums ranging from 50 to 100 thousand pounds per week.

A teacher and an 11-year-old girl

Investigations revealed that behind the incident, a teacher, in conjunction with a woman and her husband, showed an 11-year-old girl on the Facebook page, in agreement with her parents, claiming to marry her in the amount of 250 thousand pounds, and if the defendants were arrested, it was found that they were accompanied by two children 8 and 6 years old, “my brothers of the victim girl.”

Photographing baby girls in poses Malfunction

The Attorney General, Counselor, Hamada Al-Sawy, also approved the referral of a human trafficking network consisting of 3 individuals who photographed baby girls in dishonorable conditions and displayed their photos on the information network for prostitutes.

Samiha offered to prostitutes

According to the overall investigations of the South Giza Prosecution, the defendants, the founders of a criminal group organized for the purposes of human trafficking inside the country, dealt with the victim, Samiha. M that they took advantage of her weakness and need, her young age and her escape from her home, so the first and second defendants sheltered and photographed her in conditions that violated her honor and gave the pictures to the third accused to be published on the social networking application (Whos here) in order to display them to those seeking prostitution.

A child makes $ 300 in 3 hours

The investigations revealed that information received by the devices indicates that the third defendant had created an account on the social networking application (Whos Here) in order to promote and advertise the daughters of young girls for having sex for a fee.

And in contact with the accused, the accused offered the victim to the secret source of the security services of the child victim to sexual practice in exchange for the sum of three hundred dollars in three hours and set a date to meet him on the public road, and the latter attended, accompanied by the second defendant, Congratulations of Amr Abdel-Rahman Mansour, and the victim of the aforementioned girl who showed her willingness to have sex With the secret source he caught them.

A child running away from her family’s home

In discussing the victim, she decided that she ran away from her parents ’house nearly a year ago because her father had beaten her, and that she recognized the second defendant who took her to her home and prepared and photographed her and offered to present her to men who want sexual pleasure in exchange for money and that she will share these sums with her in exchange for her protection. On it.

Girls from 16 to 22 years old

By reviewing the report of the Technical Aid Department of the Department of Combating Computer Crime, it was proven that, by examining the cell phone seized in the possession of the third accused, it was found that there were many pictures of girls, some of them wearing home clothes, and by examining the Whatsapp application, it was found that there were conversations between the accused and the contact point of the second accused and revolving around a request. The defendant sent pictures of young children to him, and the second accused sent him pictures of girls and told him that they were from 16 to 8 years old.

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