Officially … disclosure of the date of launching the Corona virus vaccine at the University of Oxford


3:30 PM

Tuesday 08 September 2020

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It seems that the world is on a date with the emergence of the Oxford University vaccine, which is expected to fight the emerging corona virus, during the coming period, after it left many victims and injured.

“Masrawy” reveals the date of launching the Corona virus vaccine at the University of Oxford, according to the British “Daily Mail” newspaper.

The Coronavirus vaccine will likely be available in the first few months of 2021, as confirmed by British Health Minister Matt Hancock, who says that work to manufacture 30 million doses is already underway.

Hancock said he remains optimistic that the people worst affected by Corona will have access to the vaccine in the coming months in the best case scenario.

But he admitted that the most expected result would be the availability of the vaccine in 2021, known as AZD1222, which is being manufactured by Oxford University and owned by the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.

The British Minister of Health revealed, that work on producing the vaccine is already underway in the United Kingdom for 30 million doses sufficient to vaccinate half of the population, and said that their presence means that they can be distributed to those who need it most once the vaccine is given the green light by the regulators.

Speaking to LBC radio, Hancock said, “These potions have already begun to be manufactured, before approval, so we must obtain approval first, and if we get them, we are ready to produce.” “I think it is likely that the offering will be in the first part of Next year, specifically in the first few months of 2021, but we bought a whole different series of international vaccines as well before getting approval. “

The effectiveness of the Oxford vaccine has not been proven, but early trials heralded promising results, as tests showed that the vaccine is safe for use in humans and appears to trigger an immune response, but data proving that it protects people has not yet emerged.

More than 50,000 people around the world are participating in Phase III studies to see if the Oxford injection can actually prevent people from contracting corona.

In these tests, the vaccine is given to tens of thousands of real people to see if it prevents them from getting infected.The scientists behind the injection had to take their studies abroad over the summer – to South Africa, Brazil and the United States, where Covid is still common, to speed up trials.

Professor Sarah Gilbert of Oxford, the mastermind behind the vaccine, said that preliminary results from trials in these countries could be expected in the coming weeks.

She remains confident that the vaccine can be ready for the most vulnerable people in society by the end of the year, but she does not expect it to reach the masses until 2021.

According to Hancock, people over the age of 50 with heart and kidney disease will be the first to get the vaccine.

AstraZeneca claims it can manufacture 2 billion doses by summer 2021, the US has already ordered 300 million doses and the UK has pre-purchased 100 million doses.


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