Oh, your hermit ate your blood, Khayen, a citizen who teaches the terrorist Moataz Matar a hard lesson .. Video


He vaccinated a citizen called “Ayman Moawad,” the terrorist The traitor, Moataz Matar A lesson in patriotism, after the latter claimed falsely that the citizen Ayman Moawad is a thug and an antiquities dealer.
Citizen Ayman Moawad said in a video of him broadcast by “Extra News”: “I am from the village of Al-Kadaya and the Terrorist. Moataz Matar Ali Baltiji said that I am standing with my country’s army against the terrorist group. “

Ayman Moawad continued:Your description for me, Moataz I.نی bully; Wissam is on my chest, and I will not turn to what you say، I continue to defend the Egyptian state against the terrorist group, and you continue to lie and mislead. “

و .كمل Aimen Mouawad:People Alkadia, a man standing with Country The Egyptian army and the Egyptian President Sisi’s back. “

Ayman Moawad sent a message to me Terrorist Moataz Matar: “Oh, eat a hermit, not You will bury in a Land Egypt is pure, and your blood is running through it Treason”Long live my country’s army And police Exchanges Egypt “.

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