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The star Ghada Ihab Nafie wrote on her Facebook page, “Post Pain”, in which she warns of the moral decline that afflicted the two-day generation, and she lived during the time of the masterpieces of her mother, the able artist, Majida, in dealing with and presenting the concerns and misfortunes of adolescence, in the “teenage girls” films, “Where My mind »and others, and the cry of Ghada Nafie came from monitoring the wonders and oddities of modern education surrounding her and her children, which unfortunately are non-discriminatory and devoid of values, and the worst is that the Council of Fathers and Mothers calls this deviant approach (personal freedom) and here are paragraphs of this appeal:

«O people above and raise your children before it is too late, why are 15-year-old children drinking wine, and have daughters accompanying and spending the day in the house of its owner, why are the children with her money in thousands to the extent that at this age they go to lunch at Saatchi, why do girls make their 16th birthday as if Her joy, why do we know our children that everything is allowed and that money is of no value, why do boys and girls of this age wear Gucci and Valentino with a Rolex watch in their hands? But even foreigners who are of their age and have money that will not work like that. I am really shocked by the size of the outlook in the two-day generation. We didn’t like that, it is true that it was in nakedness, but there was real sophistication, there was no shame in it, but it was not in a veil, but there was a commitment. , I see now that the lack of morality and eloquence remains normal, maybe I am old accuracy, and the truth is honored by me or my son as well as old accuracy, and I hope that I will pass them by people who are moderate and old precision, we have adorned the origins and the meaning of shame and forbidden and their eyes are full and their dignity is more important than the brands of swimsuits. Ghada finished the post with a hashtag (# Raise your children), and I also add my voice to it and announce that I am like old accuracy, and I have bored with my good thought in urbanization, and I realized that urbanization is in style and not in the story and scenes, and for science and honesty, the two-day generation is the countries of victims of the competitive loot of people in everything and they are the guilty The real and the children, O Dhanaya, are nothing but a mirror that reflects the prevailing thinking in the home, and I think that they need to restructure and arrange the prisoner wheel from the inside so that they return to the ABA of education and education and teach their children how they have awareness of their value and their human destiny without any means of assistance, and know the difference between freedom and recklessness Listening and recklessness, tolerance and condescension, trust and vanity, respect and lack of etiquette, and what drains people’s homes without seeking permission and does not stumble into people’s privacy and does not enter into an empty hand and silence when adults speak and do the duty and help the stranger before the neighbor and apologize for conviction and admit their mistake and make a decision and tolerate They are responsible, understand the principles, be compassionate for the poor, support the weak, and they will not disrupt the ties of kinship and invest their time. Their time, and they learn to discuss and object, or accept reasonably and what they fear and do not run away, initiate good and strive for good, keep away from evil, accept the other, appreciate the conditions of people and their dreams and choose what suits them and they are not bothered by failure and do not cling to the ropes they are not connected to, they do not try hard because they do not reach Certainly, they ask, and they always tell the truth and take their rights with suspicion to make us happy with them and their families who wanted them to learn the old accuracy..

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