Olivia Munn, heroine of “Aleppo”


American actress Olivia Moon stars in the movie “Aleppo”, the latest film production to parody the ongoing war in Syria.

Moon plays the role of a journalist in a United Nations team accompanying a Syrian refugee child, after the tragedy brought them together, and they fled Syria together in order to survive, while the film tells the story of a young man who witnessed the killing of his mother and sister in the bombing of a market in Aleppo.

Young Yaz loses his voice, so his father sends him with his brother to Turkey for a better and safer life. On their way to Turkey, they had to fight desert, hunger and ISIS, he says American media specialized in entertainment news reported.

The movie is produced by “MiLu Entertainment” in Los Angeles, and it will be directed by Brazilian director David Schuurman and written by Beto Dantas. The ensemble cast includes “Oscar” winner for best interior designer Brigitte Broche for “Moulin Rouge”, and “Golden Globe” nominated composer Antonio Despeda.

“MiLu Entertainment” CEO Andrey Lee, said in Statements reported by Deadline News “Olivia is a strong and dynamic lead actress, and under director David’s direction, her passion for the project will bring to life this powerful and important story.”

Moon began her career as a TV journalist before acting appealed to her, and she began to know fame and limelight, after her role in the 2006 movie “After the Separation”. She also acted in prominent films including “The Wizard Mike”, “X-Men” and “Mortkay”. She also starred in the TV series “Beyond the Break” between 2006 and 2009.


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