On the anniversary of Fayza Kamal’s birth … the story of her husband’s bet on her with two bottles of whiskey


Today, Thursday, September 3, comes the birthday The late artist Fayza Kamal, Who was born on this day in 1962 in the state of Kuwait, and studied at the Institute of Theatrical Arts in the Department of Decoration, and left our world on May 26, 2014, at the age of 52 years.
Was born Fayza KamalIn Kuwait, to Egyptian parents who work in Kuwait, and she lived there for more than twenty years, as she completed her primary, middle and high school studies, and she also joined the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts.

Actress Fayera Kamal is one of the few artists with great talent, and she has many ingredients that have contributed to her success as an actress, and despite her appearances in many secondary roles, she was able to leave a distinct mark in the conscience of her viewers.

Fayza Kamal married the theater Murad MounirShe gave birth to two children, (Youssef and Laila), and the cause of death came after she suffered a health crisis and was subsequently transferred to the intensive care room of Qasr Al-Aini Hospital, where it was found after undergoing a number of tests and x-rays that she had liver cancer.

In one of his artistic dialogues, her husband, director Murad Mounir, revealed his first meeting with the late actress as an actress, where he said: “While participating in the play (The King is the King) with the artist Mohamed Mounir Salah Al-Saadani made a point that it would be the worst in the show,” adding: “But I was I have confirmation of her talent and artistic abilities and she won the bet and it was two bottles (whiskey). “


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