On the anniversary of Kawthar Al-Assal’s death … the story of her husband’s depression after her departure


Tuesday, September 29 is the death anniversary The able artist Kawthar Al-Assal, Who was born on November 26, 1939, and passed away on this day in 2013, and presented a number of works during her artistic career, most notably I will not live in the jilbab of my father, the princess, a woman in a whirlpool and other works.
Started Kawthar Al-AssalHer artistic life in the mid-sixties and the challenge in 1964 and presented many works of art, including the movie Barefoot on the Gold Bridge and we do not plant thorns, a thing of fear, a nose, three eyes, terrorism, and whoever is able to Aziza, the Haram, and the deposit.
She also starred in television drama, including the Rose Leaves, Cairo, People, People of the Road, and High School Girls.

Kawthar Al-Assal obtained a certificate of culture in 1942, then she joined the artistic field through the Ismail Yassin troupe, to play comedic roles with him, whose roles varied to always shine in the second roles, and she never got the absolute heroism, yet her imprint was evident in any work assigned to her.

Kawthar Al-Assal married the artist Abdel Moneim Ibrahim to be his fourth wife and the last of his wives, to continue with him in a stable life for 20 years until he passed away.

After the death of Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Kawthar Al-Assal married the late artist Mohamed Wafiq, who lived a happy life with her and when her end approached, he remained depressed and sad.

On the day of Kawthar Al-Assal’s farewell, her husband Muhammad Wafiq collapsed because of her separation. What made his colleagues in the field keen to stand by him in his crisis, as her condolence, which was held in the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed, witnessed a large presence of artists and workers in the artistic community.


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