On the verge of victory … a public health professor gives good news about Corona


Dr. Abdel-Taif Al-Murr, Professor of Public Health at Zagazig University, revealed developments in the future of Corona virus vaccines around the world, explaining that there are about 170 vaccinations for production against Corona virus, including 19 who entered the experimentation stage, 9 of them in the third stage, and that 55 thousand people received the vaccination Out of 60,000 followers: “The Russian vaccination is almost won.”

He pointed out that there are standardized scientific procedures for vaccinating the Coronavirus, noting that follow-up is the most important thing after vaccination, and it takes place for several months and up to a year to ensure that there are no side effects of the vaccine, pointing out that the groups most vulnerable to infection with the Coronavirus will be vaccinated, such as those with obesity diseases. Sugar, cancer and others.

He stressed that prevention is the solution to the Coronavirus since it appeared until now, stressing the need to adhere to and strictly apply preventive measures, pointing out that the second wave of the Corona virus began in some European countries, and that Egypt is about to prevail over the first wave of the Corona virus.


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