Oncologist reveals the most dangerous signs of cancer


Elena Smirnova, a Russian colorectal oncologist, revealed the most serious symptoms of rectal cancer, which indicate an advanced stage of the disease.

Smirnova advised on her Instagram page, to pay special attention to regular abdominal pain, bloating and changes in the nature of the stool such as hardness or diarrhea and the presence of blood or mucus when using the toilet, and among the dangerous symptoms also, feeling very tired and weight loss.

She urged the doctor to exercise caution and consult a doctor if at least one of these signs appeared.

She recommends visiting an anal and rectal pathologist at the age of 45, regardless of whether or not there are signs, because the risk of developing rectal cancer increases with age. And, she notes, rectal cancer doesn’t develop or grow overnight. It takes months or even years before a lump develops.

Earlier, Elena Smirnova warned of the dangers of eating barbecue. According to her, carcinogens accumulate in meat during the frying process. In addition, pork and lamb are difficult to digest and these meats are prohibited for people with gastrointestinal diseases.


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