“Our Lady of Mostorod” does not deserve an apartment and does not exist exclusively


Major General Ibrahim Awad, a spokesman for the Cairo governorate, said that Mrs. Leila, who appeared in the Mostorod video, complaining about the demolition of her house, is not present in the inventory in the Arab Al-Hisn area, and there are no documents on their presence in the properties that were removed.

“It is possible that the woman and her husband reside in another residence, and after the husband’s mother got an apartment, they demanded a similar apartment, but he did not prove in any way that he was with his mother in the apartment,” he added, during a telephone conversation with the journalist Ahmed Moussa.

He pointed out that the neighborhood requested from the husband Muhammad any document, whether a birth certificate for the children proving their birth within the region or the neighborhood, and he was unable to bring that.

Mrs. Laila replied that she had been staying at home since 2008 without any escorts, and she had witnesses from the area that she was staying in the apartment, and that the birth certificate of the children belonged to al-Matara and the husband’s card.

Major General Ibrahim Awad promised to re-examine the file and examine the papers again.

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