Pachecos first training session … a message to the Zamalek players


The new Portuguese coach of Zamalek, Jaime Pacheco, led his first training session as he returned to lead the team in the second state.

Pacheco was keen to hold a lengthy session with the team’s players at the start of the training session at the Abdullatif Abu Rujaila Stadium in the presence of Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the football team.

At the beginning of the training the players went to the Portuguese coach to shake hands with him in addition to his auxiliary device, then Pacheco sent a message to the players in which he said to them: “You have the best profession in the world which is football..I hope you will take advantage of yourselves and your young age, I was a player and became a coach, but when I was a player he was Much better for me, when Zamalek spoke to me, I followed the matches, and if I had not seen players of this level, I would not have come to the club.

Pacheco added, in his speech to the Zamalek players: “The technical and defensive side is essential for me … the last El Gouna match that I attended confirmed to me that the team is great despite any defensive matters, as evidence of victory in the end and the character of the team that made us have the ability to score in the deadly time and this is the type of players that I love working with him. I will help everyone in the team. Any player who performs well will win a place in the team. It is possible for a player to walk away, but he should not feel discouraged. ”

He concluded his speech, saying: “We have 4 matches in the league and we will take the second place, but our main goal is the African Champions League, and we have to prepare for all the next, not the African championship alone, because the culture of winning must be in all matches, and I wish everyone success and it is an honor to train Zamalek Club.”

Pacheco, in his first session with the team, focused on the fitness rates of the players; So he assigned his assistant, Jose Pedro, a trainer of loads, to lead the physical exercises to increase the fitness rates of the players in addition to dividing the team into groups and undergoing different exercises for each of them, whether it was stretching or some exercises for physical flexibility.

The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the new coach of the club’s first football team, held a session with Mustafa Mohamed, the team’s striker, on the sidelines of the training session currently held at the Abdullatif Abu Rujaila Stadium at the club’s headquarters.

Mostafa Mohamed is the first player with whom the new coach holds a one-on-one session in the training session.

Pacheco paid a special tribute to Mustafa Mohamed for his efforts in the El Gouna match, which he watched from the cabin and told him that he was counting on him a lot in the coming period and gave him some special instructions.

Medhat Abdel Hadi, the coach of the team, held a session with Alex Costa, the general coach of the new technical staff in Zamalek; To clarify the picture for him regarding some of the technical matters of the team.

During training, Abdel Hadi transferred some points about the team’s last game against El Gouna after the Portuguese coach reviewed with him a number of technical points that he wrote down after the match in a technical report that Pacheco reviewed.

The team is preparing to face its Egyptian counterpart next Thursday in the thirty-first round of the Premier League.

Moroccan Mohamed Onagem, the team’s player, underwent a special qualification program at the club’s gymnasium, then went through some qualifying training under the supervision of Amr El Matrawi.

Pacheco asked Amr Abdel Salam, the goalkeeper’s coach, to carry out some technical training for the guards on the sidelines of the training session currently held at the Abdullatif Abu Rujaila Stadium at the club’s headquarters.

Pacheco asked for some training, including how to deal with shots from the long run, as well as focusing on optimizing the way in high balls.

And Abdul Salam equipped some new training tools to implement the demands of the new technical director and began working on them.

Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the club’s soccer team, was keen to be present in the training. To support the new coaching staff of the team led by Jaime Pacheco.

Amir Mortada followed up on training to facilitate the task of the Portuguese coach, by preparing all administrative matters for the team before traveling to Alexandria before the Al-Masry Al-Port Said match scheduled for next Thursday in the Premier League competition.

And the technical staff of the club’s first football team, led by Apacheko, decided to travel to Alexandria at eleven oclock tomorrow morning, Wednesday, in preparation for facing Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi.

Zamalek faces the Egyptian team next Thursday evening in the thirty-first round of the Premier League at Burj Al Arab Stadium.

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