Palestinian Health: 9 deaths, and 620 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in the last 24 hours


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The Minister of Health in the Ramallah government, Dr. Mai Al-Kaila records 9 deaths, 620 new cases of Coronavirus, and 1,491 recoveries during the last 24 hours in all governorates of the country.

Al-Kaila added in a press statement, on Sunday, that the rate of recovery from the Corona virus in Palestine reached 76.7%, while the rate of active infections reached 22.6%, and the death rate was 0.7% of all infections.

She indicated that the new deaths were recorded for two citizens of 29 and 69 years old from Faqoua in the Jenin governorate, citizens of 77 and 80 years old from Gorish and Nablus in Nablus governorate, a citizen of 87 years old from Rafah, a citizen of 93 years old from Khan Yunis, in addition to 3 citizens of Jerusalem (during Friday and Saturday ).

Al-Kaila pointed out that 44 patients are in the intensive care rooms, including 14 patients on artificial respirators.

Citizens who have taken the corona examination can inquire about the results of their tests by visiting the website, entering the ID number, then clicking on the (search) box, then the results of the examination will appear 8-24 hours after the examination

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