Pictures from 30 years ago that Al-Muntasir Billah was brought together with “Belia” and Amr Diab on the sidelines of “Elfrit”


The artistic community and the fans are still sad about The departure of the comedian victorious with God, Who died last Saturday, after a struggle with illness at the age of 70, which prompted the artist Hadeel Khairallah, who played the role of the child “Bella” with the plateau Amr Diab and the late artist Madiha Kamel, is keen to mourn the late artist through her Facebook account , Saying: “Victorious in God .. God have mercy on him.”


Hadeel published a picture of her, as a child, and was carried by the late artist Al-Montaser Billah. In another picture, the late artist appeared holding a “drum” next to him, Amr Diab, and it seems that it was a party on the sidelines of filming the movie Elfrit in 1990.


The body of the late artist, Al-Montasser Billah, was buried last Sunday from Abu Seifin Church in Mohandessin, in the presence of a large number of art stars, including Hany Ramzy, Ashraf Zaki, head of acting professions, producer Jamal Al-Adl, producer Ahmed Al-Sobky, director Mando Al-Adl and artist Ahmed Badir and Munir Makram, member of the Theatrical Professions Syndicate.

The late artist had suffered during more than 10 years from several chronic diseases that started with him in 2008 when he suffered a stroke, which caused him to be excluded from acting for two years, and when he returned, he did not last long until he came away from the effect of the disease on him, but he was biased against Himself to present some work that does not require effort.


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