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Thursday 10 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

The Ministry of Housing, represented by the Urban Communities Authority, announced the launch of a new phase of social housing lands in 11 new cities, where the allocation of lands is carried out by a public lottery system through the Housing and Development Bank.

Masrawy publishes land prices, and details of submission in this lottery and obtaining a plot of land within the social housing project, which came as follows:

The new offering of the social housing lands project includes 3098 residential plots of land in the tenth stage of the project, with areas ranging between 209 and 287 meters, in 11 new cities.

It included the subtraction cities (Tenth of Ramadan – New Sohag – New Damietta – New Burj Al Arab – New Aswan – New Akhmim – New Tiba – New Qena – New Fayoum – Sadat – New Assiut).

In the new city of Burj Al Arab, 266 plots of social housing will be offered, as the pricing committee has set two prices for lands in this city, namely 965 pounds and 1135 pounds per square meter.

In the new city of Damietta, 22 plots of land with an area of ​​209 meters will be offered at a price of 5115 pounds per square meter, 100 plots of land will be offered in the new city of Sohag at a price of 1760 pounds per square meter, while 73 plots of land will be offered in the new city of Akhmim, at a price of 835 pounds per meter in the area of ​​55 acres.

Also, 38 plots of land in New Medical City, with an area of ​​209 square meters, will be offered at a price of EGP 1,300 per square meter.

It is decided that the conditions booklets will be made available in the cities’ agencies in which the plots of land are proposed, as of Sunday, the 13th of this current, provided that the reservation will begin at the following branches of the Housing and Development Bank (Tenth of Ramadan – Sohag – Damietta – New Damietta – Damietta Supervisor – the bank branches in the city of Burj Al Arab – Dekheila – Bank branches in Aswan – New Akhmim – Luxor – Qena – Fayoum – Sadat – Assiut) from Tuesday, September 15 until next October 15, from four oclock until six oclock in the evening.

The conditions of the reservation included that the applicant be a natural person of Egyptian nationality, and not a legal person (company or institution), and not be less than 21 years old at the date of the reservation, and the family (husband, wife, and minor children) is not entitled to apply to seize more than one piece of land. In advertised cities.

Also, a plot of land must not have been previously allocated to him or to one of his family members (husband, wife, and minor children), in any of the new cities, and that a housing unit in the social housing project must not have been previously allocated to him or one of his family members (husband, wife, and children) the palace).

For presentation and reservation, the reservation provider is paid 25 thousand pounds, and payment is made in cash, bank transfer, or certified check (bank / accepted payment).

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