Portugal’s Pacheco leads the first training session for Zamalek after reaching Cairo


The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the new technical director returning to lead Zamalek in a second term, leads the team’s training today, Monday, in preparation for the Egyptian Port Said confrontation, which will bring together the two teams at 8 pm next Thursday, at Burj Al Arab Stadium, in Alexandria, as part of the 31st round of matches. The Premier League competition, whose Al-Ahly title was officially won for the 42nd time in its history and the fifth in a row, after arriving with his assistants, namely the duo, Alex Costa, the assistant coach, and Jose Pedro, the loads coach, who had previously worked in Zamalek with Jozwaldo Ferreira, the former coach of the White, to Cairo, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Scheduled, Portuguese coach Jaime will be held PachecoA session with the players to determine the action plan in the coming period, and the different playing methods that he wants to implement with the players of Zamalek, provided that he holds separate sessions with his members, his assisting body of the Egyptians, whether with Medhat Abdel Hady, the team’s coach, or Mohamed Osama, head of the medical apparatus, In order to find out the technical and medical condition of all the players on the white list before the start of the next stage, as the Portuguese coach was keen to follow up on a set of matches that the white fought in the last period, which were recorded for him to stand on the level of the players and learn about their capabilities as the Portuguese received a report from Pacheco. With the different players’ statistics by Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the ball in the team, which included a file for each player, his participations and his numbers with the team this season.

The Portuguese coach Pacheco was keen to confirm upon his arrival in Cairo that he came to train Zamalek in order to crown the African Champions League title and delight the masses, especially that the white will face his Moroccan counterpart Raja Casablanca in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, where the first-leg match will be held between the two teams in Morocco, which is set for it. On the 18th of next October, provided that the return match will be held in Egypt on the 24th of the same month, during which the white strives to achieve a positive result in the match and qualify for the final of the African Championship, which seeks to resolve its absent title from the Citadel of Met Oqba since it was crowned for the fifth time in its history. 2002, at the expense of Moroccan hope.


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