Pregnant woman saves her husband from a shark: “I jumped into the water without hesitation” (details)


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During a summer trip to escape the repercussions of the Corona virus outbreak on the shores of a group of famous islands in Florida, USA, called “Forelda Keys”, an American pregnant wife noticed the blood flowing from water as soon as her husband got off the boat to swim, in addition to seeing a shark fin, According to the witnesses, the wife did not hesitate, jumped into the water and pulled her injured husband back into the boat, even though she was carrying a new baby in her bowels.

The family consisting of husband and wife, and after extended family members, had aimed to enjoy swimming and snorkeling to see the coral reefs adjacent to the beach, and the family of the injured was not the only group of visitors in the area. Andrew – 30 years old, a feeling of security that prompted him to jump into the water, according to a report published by CNN, but the shark quickly attacked him within minutes, according to witnesses, the length of the shark in the incident ranged between 8 to 10 feet, and it is believed to be a species of bull shark.

Following the injury, Andrew was transported by plane to a Miami hospital that assessed his shoulder injury seriously, according to University of Florida statistics, only 17 times since 1882 has seen an unprovoked attack from sharks in that beach area.

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