Premier League .. Al-Ahly against Egypt


Distinguished Yallakora visitors, follow us on the direct coverage of the match between Masr and Al-Ahly Club in the 29th round of the Egyptian League Championship at the Military College stadium.

Al-Ahly won the Egyptian League for the 42nd time in its history, and is playing the remaining matches in order to prepare for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, or to achieve new records.

You can watch the match for a minute by clicking here

the summary of the match

Al-Ahly started looking for an early goal and almost scored in the third minute with a ball behind the defense and reached Kahraba alone, but he shot a powerful ball before it hit the ground to go far over the bar.

Walid Suleiman penetrated into the penalty area to separate and deflect the goalkeeper, who came into contact with him to drop the Al-Ahly player and the referee counted a penalty kick, so Amr Al-Sulayyah countered for implementation, to shoot in the middle of the goal and announce his team’s progress in the 7th minute.

Mostafa Sultan, the Egyptian club player, tried to equalize in the 14th minute after a shot from inside the penalty area, Al-Shennawi turned it into a corner, after a mistake against Mohamed Hani, who dropped him to the ground by the Masr player, amid objections from Mohamed El-Shenawy and his colleagues.

Al-Ahly got a free kick on the borders of the penalty area after Ahmed Fathi was obstructed, so Walid Suleiman responded in the 26th minute and sent a shot into the goalkeeper’s arms.

Marawan Mohsen wasted a sure goal in the 29th minute after a match that gave him completely alone to hit a ball that turned the goalkeeper into a corner kick that Al-Ahly did not benefit from.

Once again, Masr appeared in Al-Ahly’s defenses in the 39th minute with a counter-attack organized with a wonderful teamwork, to finally reach the player Cliff Niakia, who fired a ball on his left side, which Al-Shenawi blocked.

Islam Saleh missed a goal opportunity in the 45 + 4 minute after a pass hit the Al-Ahly defense, to separate and hit a powerful ball with his right that passed next to the left post.

The referee counted a penalty kick in the 49th minute after a cross inside the penalty area, the referee indicated that it hit the hand of Amr Al-Soliya, to return to the video technology to decide to count the kick, and Mustafa Sultan, the player of Masr Club, responded to the implementation in the 53rd minute, but Mohamed El-Shenawi brilliantly responded to the ball bouncing to the player of Club Egypt Who claimed falling to get a new penalty kick but got a warning.

Al-Ahly responded with the second goal in the 57th minute, after a pass from Junior Ajay to Kahraba inside the penalty area, to shoot with his left and announce a double score for his team.

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