Presentation of a woman who practiced vice with the son of her sister to forensic medicine


Today, Tuesday, the Mayo and Tabin Partial Prosecution Office ordered that a woman who practiced immorality with the son of her sister and whose death caused him to fall from the fifth floor, ordered the forensic doctor to show the extent of her abuse of narcotic substances and to prove her practice of vice on the day of the incident.

The prosecution’s investigations revealed that the May 15 police department had received a report stating that a young man fell from the fifth floor and died, and the security services moved to the place of the incident, and it was found that the deceased fell from his aunt’s apartment, and they were seized.In front of the Public Prosecution, the woman’s son accused his mother of practicing immorality with the deceased son of her sister, since on the day of the incident he came to a house and heard the voice of a man from his mother’s room and inspected the matter and found her in the arms of her sister’s son in a horrific scene. When the deceased saw him, he jumped from the bed onto the window and died instantly.

The woman confessed to committing the incident as it was her forbidden relationship that began three months ago when she noticed that the deceased had hesitated to inspect her condition and visit her. From here, forbidden feelings began between them. The incest relationship ended and he began to frequent her in the absence of her son, and she denied her relationship with the death, saying: “We were drunk and fell From the window while fleeing ».

Investigations that took place under the supervision of Major General Ashraf Al-Jundi, First Assistant Minister of Interior for the Cairo Security Sector, stated that the dead man fell from the balcony of his aunt “Hajar”, 42, was wearing only “pajamas” and emitted from his mouth the smell of wine, which indicates that he was in Drunk with his aunt.

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