Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s latest royal tour sparks controversy for its cost | Watch


British media reports revealed today, Friday, that Prince Harry’s last official tour, Grandson of Queen Elizabeth IIAnd his wife, former American actress “Megan Markle”, as two members of the royal family, prior to their official separation, it cost the British taxpayers a huge sum of about a quarter of a million pounds sterling, in exchange for the flights alone.
Reports added that the trip costs Duke and Duchess of Sussex To South Africa it came to 246,000 pounds to be exact.
The spouses “Harry” and “Megan” took their son “Archie” to South Africa in September of last year the first Royal trip Him outside the United Kingdom, when he was four months old; Harry then traveled solo to Angola, Malawi and Botswana.

A British Mirror newspaper reported that the exorbitant costs of the couple’s official trip were described by critics as “an abuse of public money.”

And according to the royal financial records, this trip is the most expensive royal trip for 2019-2020; A high-ranking royal source confirmed that the couple, who recently signed an agreement with the famous “Netflix” entertainment company valued at 112 million pounds, are not obligated to return the costs of the South African trip, stressing that it was an official trip approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and helped shed light on the work Several charities.

The source, whose identity has not been revealed, added that the government-funded visit has achieved the goals set for it, and therefore the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “Harry” and “Megan” are not obligated to pay any expenses related to this visit.

The British newspaper reported that the cost of the trip of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife,Kate MiddletonTo Pakistan, it was estimated at 117,166 pounds.

The newspaper pointed out, based on the financial report of the sovereign grant for the royal “Buckingham” palace, that the total cost of the official trips of the British royal family, borne by taxpayers, was estimated at 5.3 million pounds in the last fiscal year, an increase of 15 percent or 700 thousand. £ for the fiscal year 2018-2019.


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