Professor of mental health at Beni Suef University confirms that 37% of men are beaten by their wives


Dr. Ahmed Khalifa, Assistant Professor at the Department of Mental Health at the Faculty of Arts, Beni Suef University, said that 48% of married women are beaten and physically assaulted by their husbands, while the percentage of men who are beaten by their wives reaches 37%, and this is included in a research study in the field of Domestic violence.

This was during a symposium and workshop entitled “Immunization against divorce” Monday, at the headquarters of the Human Rights Council Secretariat in Beni Suef, in the presence of Counselor Gamal Al-Masry, Chairman of the Council, and Major General Dr. Mustafa Abdel-Rahim, Vice President of the Council, Secretary-General of Beni Suef Governorate, and Syed Hussein, Deputy Secretary-General of the Governorate.

Ahmed Khalifa explained that family violence has increased in a frightening way, and every couple must set a permanent schedule for love and bonding between them, which leads to family bonding and limits divorce, pointing out that there is a prescription for immunization against divorce that includes the necessity of some kind of strong bond and emotional satisfaction between spouses until We do not leave room for the emergence of apathy between them, emotional stability and quiet interaction, consensus and agreement on the method of raising children, in order to avoid a clash between spouses, lack of merchant and intense discussions in front of the children in addition to the importance of the wife being a lover and lover of her husband and expressing this without shame as well as the expression of the couple about their feelings No matter how old they are, the social intelligence of the wife and the choice of appropriate times presenting the problems of the children, the wife must play the role of the mother with her husband because the husband always feels that he is a child in his mother’s stone, the wife’s consideration of housework and she becomes a friend of her husband and supports each other so that they do not lose the psychological affiliation.


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