Protect yourself from Corona … 9 things you must wash hands immediately after touching them


With the outbreak of the new Corona virus, the importance of hygiene and awareness of it has increased, especially washing hands, as many make big mistakes because they underestimate the danger inherent in many things that they touch during the day.
On the “novosti” website, we review things after which you should wash your hands immediately.

1- Money

Scientists have found oral and vaginal bacteria, virus and animal DNA, salmonella and about 100 types of other harmful microbes, present on banknotes, so hands must be washed after touching the money.

2- Handles

You must wash your hands after touching door or car handles, as they contain many bacteria.

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3- Restaurant menus

Researchers from the University of Arizona found an astonishing 185,000 bacterial organisms on restaurant menus, of course it is difficult to avoid touching them but then wash your hands immediately.

4- Pets

Although many view them as family members and often ignore basic hygiene, doctors warn that after any contact with animals, washing your hands is essential.

5- Cell phones

Whether it is a mobile phone or a cash machine full of bacteria, it is very important to wash your hands immediately after touching these surfaces.

6- Medical clinics

The report revealed that doctors’ offices are a real breeding ground for bacteria, and it turns out that there are 46,000 more germs on them than the toilet bowl, too.

7- Kitchen tools

One study showed that as many as 326 different types of bacteria are present on a used kitchen sponge, and dermatologists suggest that you wash your hands before preparing food and after handling raw meat, and dispose of the used sponge immediately and replace it with a new one.

8- Bottles of soap

Sprays and liquid soap bottles are a breeding ground for bacteria, and experts say that when you hit the sprayer to wash your hands and remove harmful microbes, you have an equal chance of transferring those same bacteria to a soap bottle.

9- Transportation

Airports, buses and train stations are full of viruses because millions of people are in them, so hands must be washed.


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