Pyramids bypass the union and continue to pressure Zamalek


Pyramids narrowly surpassed Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the 30th round match in the Egyptian League and succeeded in winning with a clean goal.

The victory raised the balance of Pyramids to 57 points, one point behind Zamalek (after deducting 3 points from Al-Abyad), just 4 rounds before the end.

Pyramids hopes to win second place for the first time in its history in order to qualify for the African Champions League next season, while Zamalek clings to the description.

While Al-Ittihad Alexandria team remained eighth in the table with 38 points, after playing 29 rounds.

the summary of the match

The match started with the domination of the Pyramids team without danger to Al Ittihad of Alexandria, who retreated to the defense in an attempt to keep the net clean and avoid receiving an early goal.

Al-Ittihad relied on the rebounds and almost made the danger in the 21st minute after a quick rebound, but the ball eventually turned into a corner kick that the Alexandrian guest did not benefit from.

Eric Traore launched the defense of Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the 39th minute to be blocked and the referee would like a penalty kick for Pyramids, before returning to video technology to count a free kick on the edge of the penalty area with Marwan Al-Najjar sent off.

Abdullah Al-Saeed executed the free kick in the 43rd minute, with a low shot close to the ground at the corner of the goalkeeper’s position, to counter it successfully and protect his net from a first hit.

Pyramids succeeded in scoring the lead in the 45 + 1 minute after a cross from a corner kick that Traore headed into the net after passing from the goalkeeper and defense, but the referee returned to the video technique to cancel the goal.

Pyramids finally translated his supremacy into a goal in the 53rd minute, after an elaborate cross by Ibrahim Hassan left the right flank by John Antwi heading into the net.

Ibrahim Hassan passed through the defense behind the defense, to completely separate Eric Traore with the goalkeeper to decide on the ground, so his ball passed next to the right post just in the 55th minute.

The crossbar received a great goal opportunity for Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the 62nd minute, after a double background by Khaled Qamar almost hugged the net.

The referee canceled a goal in the 75th minute for the Pyramids team through Eric Traore after Ibrahim Ali sneaked out before the ball was kicked to bounce off the goalkeeper in front of Eric, who scored a goal.


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