Qais Saeed and the execution: Renewed controversy over the re-application of the punishment, following the killing of a young Tunisian woman


The death penalty has always sparked widespread controversy among human rights defenders, jurists, civil and popular society components, as well as religious institutions in various countries of the world, but this controversy has intensified greatly in Tunisia during the past few days, following a tragic incident in which a girl was assaulted, tortured and killed.

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The Tunisian president’s statements about the execution sparked a whirlwind of controversy

A few days ago, the Tunisian street was shaken by the case of the murder of the young woman, Rahma Al-Ahmar, who was in her twenty-ninth spring, as many demonstrations demanded retribution from the perpetrators of murder and rape.

Although the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of the perpetrator on charges of “premeditated murder,” and his confession of committing the crime, Tunisian anger and protests continued in the streets and via cyberspace, demanding more severe penalties.

Against the background of this incident, in addition to the recent high crime rate in Tunisia, many demanded the re-application of the death penalty against all those found guilty of similar crimes.

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