Qatar Airways announces heavy losses


On Sunday, Qatar Airways reported losses of 7 billion riyals, equivalent to 1.92 billion dollars, for the fiscal year ending March 31, according to Reuters.

The company revealed that it had received support from the Qatari government, amounting to 7.3 billion riyals.

And she was Country carrier In June, it announced its intention to lay off at least 20 percent of the company’s employees, and to keep aircraft Airbus The A380 did not fly until late 2021.

Akbar Al Baker CEO said For diagonal lines As many as 20 percent of the group’s employees may be laid off, and the company is in talks with Airbus and Boeing to delay all suspended aircraft deliveries.

The Qatari economy has been greatly affected by the repercussions of the global closure due to Corona VirusDoha accumulated $ 10 billion in debt in April.

To mitigate the damage to the Qatari economy, in June the Ministry of Finance issued instructions to government-funded ministries, institutions and entities to reduce the monthly expenditures of non-Qatari employees by 30 percent starting from July, by reducing salaries or laying off workers with a two-month notice, according to the agency. Bloomberg News.

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