Quick tricks to tighten the abdomen before any occasion or evening


The rumen is one of the aesthetic problems that girls get upset with, especially when they have to attend events, because a swollen belly spoils the beauty of your appearance, this article deals with emergency solutions to overcome the rumen quickly if you do not have enough time to make a diet before attending events, according to Fustany:

Natural drinks for regular bowel movement

Flatulence is not necessarily the result of fat accumulation, but it may be due to colitis. So, in this case, drink a drink that works to regulate bowel movement two days before the occasion, such as a warm cumin drink. Also, stay away from eating any foods that can cause swelling of the colon. There is no doubt that you need to maintain your mood, as you know, the colon is rapidly affected by the psychological state and mood.

Became the abdominal muscles

Always make sure to do an inward suction while sitting or walking. This movement works to tighten the abdomen and strengthen its muscles. Also, do this exercise while you attend the event and while you are eating


If you are one of the people whose body retains water, then before any important occasion you need to take a natural diuretic such as green tea to get rid of excess water from your body, do this the day before the occasion so that you are not upset by your desire to enter the bathroom during your evening.

Simple gym exercises

If you feel that your stomach is bloated, try doing some simple exercises at home, such as exercising the wheel or walking a lot or squats, as these exercises move the intestines and help you get rid of gases that cause bloating.


The corset is available in many shapes and different sizes, so if the previous tricks did not help you to get rid of the stomach quickly before any occasion, then go to wear the corset under your clothes and you will notice a big difference in your appearance. The corset compresses the body, so you can enjoy the perfect body for your different occasions.


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