Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s daughter talks about the transmission of the infection to her mother


Months ago, the Egyptian actress Rajaa Al-Jeddawi died after the Corona virus killed her and spent her life.

Her daughter, Amira Hassan Mukhtar, remained silent for a long time, and in a press interview with her, she talked about the vector of infection to her mother.

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She denied that her mother was injured because of her attending the condolences of Sheikh Saleh Kamel, husband of the Egyptian actress Safaa Abu Al-Saud, but because of a worker in the series “The Forgetting Game” starring Dina El-Sherbiny.

She said: “No one from the filming crew in the series was injured, but one of the workers in the series was infected with Corona and was diagnosed with pneumonia, and it is clear that it was the cause of the infection.”

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Najla Al-Jeddawi added: “My mother’s temperature was high, approaching 40 degrees Celsius, so a swab was conducted for her to confirm that she was infected, despite the absence of any symptoms for 8 days. It is strange that my mother had not left the house at all since the beginning of the Corona virus crisis in late February. , I have taken all precautions before anyone else, but this is God’s judgment and his destiny. ”


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