Rania Youssef turns on Instagram with a short jumpsuit


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Short red jumpsuit, the artist lit Raniya Yousif The photo-sharing site, Instagram, posted a new look, in her personal account, in which she appeared on the beach, holding on to Bournita in light brown, which increased her beauty.

This look is not the first in red, as Rania Youssef caught the eye during the past few days With a view Elegant, she appeared wearing a short Ahmed dress, while she was sitting on the beach using a group of simple accessories.

Photo by Rania Youssef

On the way to Fadwa, the artist commented Rogina On the picture of Rania Youssef and wrote: “What moon is this oh my life?”, Which is the word that she attached to her role in the series Al-Prince.

Photo by Rania Youssef

Two days ago, the artist celebrated Raniya Yousif 20 years since the first showing of the Hajj Metwally family series, and on their personal account on Twitter, they published a group photo of the heroes Serial Directed a question to her audience, who interacted with her.

Rania Youssef wrote on the group photo that she collected with the heroes of the series: “20 years ago on the series The Hajj Metwally family. Maine Faker Rania Youssef was her name in the series.”

Rania Youssef is keen to share her photos with her audience on Instagram, and she shares funny comments with them

Rania Youssef 2020 series

Family announced a series Street 9 begins filming its scenes, as it is expected that filming will be completed by the end of next October.

Nearby Serial Elite TV drama stars among them Raniya YousifNermin Al-Feki, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Ahmed Salama, Muhammad Wafiq, and a large number of stars.

Street 9 series One of the collective starring series, and its events are set in the context of a dramatic action teaser, as it presents a group of stories that are linked in the end by one context.

The artist revealed Raniya Yousif About the reasons for her resorting to psychiatrists during the last period, and the details of her willingness to present a requesting figure in Street 9 series Which continues filming his scenes.

It is discussed Serial The life of its characters and it shows a group of love stories, stories of corruption, and other social stories, and the name of the series is taken from the name of one of the streets in the Maadi area, Street 9, which is supposed to revolve around a number of its residents who are embodied by the participating heroes.


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