Readers Syndicate: “We stand together behind the president … may God grant him success with the blessing of the Great Qur’an.”


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Muhammad al-Saati, the official spokesman for the General Syndicate of Reciters and Reciters of the Noble Qur’an, confirmed that the union’s board of directors is headed by Sheikh Muhammad Hashad, the sheikh of the general Egyptian reciter and the acting captain of the readers ’association, that the entire board of directors of the union and the provincial captains“ stand in one line behind President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the wise leadership. ” .

The spokesman added in a statement, Saturday, that “the president’s recent development renaissance and effective construction are counted for him on the ground, which made our beloved Egypt in the ranks of already developed countries, asking God Almighty to help him always for what is good for the country and the people with the blessing of the Great Qur’an. And to ward off the plot of the people of evil in their eyes, and to raise the flag of Egypt whispering in both worlds.

He pointed out that the readers ’union headquarters in Mrs. Zainab will witness an important session, on Saturday, October 3, in which the union’s position on the elections will be determined, and the announcement of an upcoming general assembly according to the Hijri calendar and not according to the Gregorian calendar according to the instructions of Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, Minister of Endowments.

And he concluded by saying: “God is always with you, Mr. President, as a supporter, supporter and helper, God willing, God amen.”

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