Real Madrid News In 24 hours, Odegaard’s sample switched from positive to negative


Club received Real Madrid The Spanish, a strong shock, on Tuesday evening, when a positive sample of Corona virus appeared, in the ranks of the team, before this was quickly denied.

Martin Odegaard, the Norwegian playmaker, is the new injured person in the team, according to Spanish newspapers, amid fears of the spread of infection among the rest of the players.

The Spanish network, “Onda Madrid”, confirmed that the club had carried out Corona tests for all members of the team after returning from participation against Real Sociedad. In league Odegaard’s injury is discovered.

She explained that the player’s participation in the team’s group training this morning before discovering his injury, will force the club to conduct further checks for all players, to check on their safety and verify that there are no new injuries.

After this news, Real’s official website came out, to confirm that the result of the second sample of Odegaard was negative, to prove the incorrectness of the first sample.

She explained that the player is now ready to appear with Real Madrid in the next confrontation against Real Betis in the league championship.

Real had joined the list of those affected by the virus last season, after Mariano Diaz was infected at the end of July, before recovering naturally.

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Mentioned that Real Madrid He opened his participation in the Spanish League for the new season, with a 0-0 draw with Real Sociedad last Sunday, before going out to meet Real Betis next Saturday.


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