Real Madrid news: Real Madrid offers Jovic good news before the transfer window ends


Luka Jovi – Real Madrid – Spanish League

Sport 360 – The newspaper stated, “AC“Spanish like to manage Real Madrid I have decided to continue the Serbian Luka Jovic with the team this season, to get a new opportunity.

Club is hired Real Madrid With young Serbian striker Luka Joviش in the summer of 2019, coming from the German team, Interracht Frankfurt, with a sum of 60 million euros.

But he did not succeed in proving himself with Real Madrid by scoring only two goals in 27 games, in addition to his frequent absences for many reasons, including muscle injuries, and his problems with the Corona virus due to his contact with people with the disease.

Jovi remains with Real Madrid this season

The newspaper pointed out that Luka Jovic was linked this summer to leaving Real Madrid, after he became outside the accounts of Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

The newspaper added that the loan option was the closest for Serbian Luka Jovic, but the situation changed upside down before the end of the summer Mercato.

The newspaper stated that Luka Jovic was told to stay calm, as he would remain at Real Madrid this season, if he wanted to continue with Marinji.

The newspaper added that the Real Madrid administration had contacted the striker, informed him of his importance, and was seeking to reassure him about his future with Real.

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