Real tears and strange tricks … The secret of Faten Hamamas cylinder and Badrakhan’s threat to Yahya Shaheen


Often some representative scenes require that the artist cry in a certain position of the artistic work, and the directors and artists may resort to some means that help the fall of tears, such as glycerin or onions, as happened in the past, but sometimes the star or director refuses to resort to these means and prefers to cry with real tears So the scene is more realistic.

The stars of the beautiful time of directors and artists sometimes resorted to some funny tricks so that the hero of the work would cry with real tears, which was mentioned by Al-Kawkab magazine in a rare issue published in 1956 under the title: “Between tears of glycerin and tears of crocodiles”, in which I explained some of these tricks.

It was known about the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, in her youth that she is greatly affected by sad music, and she used to have some scenes in which she needs to cry, and she takes with her to the studio a music CD of sad music, and the director plays this music before he starts filming the weeping scenes, and as soon as she listens Faten Hamama for this music until she burst into tears without the need to use glycerin or any materials that help the fall of tears, and most of the directors who dealt with her knew this way of filming crying scenes with the lady of the Arab screen.

As for the artist Yahya Shaheen, who won the starring role in the movie “Salama” in front of the eastern planet, Umm Kulthum, and this role was the beginning of his path to fame and stardom, so he was keen to perform it to the fullest.

One of the scenes of the movie asked that the hero Yahya Shaheen cry while he listened to “Salama” while she sang, and this was the first scene to be shot in the movie, but the tears did not and Yahya Shaheen could not cry during the filming, so Badrakhan, the director of the film, got angry and shouted at Yahya Shaheen said: “I have to answer another actor for the role, tears of tears in the situations that need to cry so that we can film.”

These words had a severe shock on Yahya Shaheen, who felt that this role to which he attached all his hopes for fame and stardom would be lost from him, and here tears flowed heavily from his eyes, and the scene was filmed and all those in the studio clapped from the severity of Yahya Shaheen and sincerely crying in this scene.


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