Red treasure: 20 health benefits of eating a pomegranate


seem Pomegranate season The markets were filled with it, as it is one of the distinctive summer fruits, and it has a special taste, as that benefits of pomegranate There are many different parts of the body, especially the heart, so it is preferable to consume pomegranate continuously during that period and take advantage of the vitamins and nutrients in it.

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1- It reduces the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease

2- Pomegranate is low in calories

3- It protects against heart disease

4- Reduces harmful cholesterol

5- Protects from arterial clots

7- It contains flavonoids, which fight cancer

8- It has enormous antioxidants that strengthen the body, immunity and prevent diseases

9- Pomegranate is an anti-virus and anti-bacterial

10- Reduces feelings of anxiety and tension

11- Reduces high blood pressure

12- Helps treat diarrhea

13 – Prevention of diabetes

14- Fights arthritis

15 – Helps in the freshness of the skin

Vitamins contained in pomegranate:

Vitamin D

Vitamin A

Vitamin E.

Folic acid




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