Reda Abdel Aal: I will not leave Tanta except to train the Egyptian national team


Reda Abdel Aal, the technical director of the Tanta team, confirmed that there are those who deliberately criticize him away from the matches, despite the fact that he played good matches against Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the Egyptian League Championship recently, and Abdel-Aal said in statements through the Falcon Stadium program broadcast on Radio Masr, I was sitting in the studios, “Bouncing like Aragos”, I worked for twenty years in the second class, and whoever works in it is a veteran coach.“.

Abdel-Al added, “I know all things about the players, Tanta players are good, but the lack of confidence due to losses and the change of technical equipment is the reason for what happened in some matches.”“.

And the Tanta coach added, “Al-Ahly players have a great financial value, and they have technical solutions, and Mohamed El-Shennawy is a lion in goalkeeping. They have great potential. Al-Ahly includes financial and technical capabilities and senior professionals such as Maaloul, Badji and Ajay, but we excuse them because of the stress in light of the match pressure.”“.

Reda Abdel-Al pointed out that “Qafsha in the second half contributed to moving the Al-Ahly players, as well as Zamalek when Bin Sharqi participated in front of Tanta. There is no comparison between us and the two major clubs. Tanta players compete with Al-Ahly and Zamalek. They deserve thanks for him.”“.

Abdel-Al added, “Bin Sharqi, when he participated with Zamalek in front of Tanta, changed the team’s tactics completely, and the same thing with the descent of Al-Ahly’s Qafsha, the duo participated well, and the top players in the two teams must be rested for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which is a national mission. The league is decided, and the white will get second place“.

He continued, “We must now pay attention to equipping the players in Al-Ahly and Zamalek to confront Wydad and please. I advise the two poles to rest their basic structure in the upcoming local confrontations.”“.

Reda Abdel-Al stressed, saying, “I do not train Tanta, a picnic or a break,” linked to an official contract for a season and a half.“.

He added, “Some took the impression from me that I was” a buzzer or a flashy one “, but I focused on the match, and for example in the second half, I paid Hamid Hamdan at the expense of Onesh in order to stop the left back of Al Ahly“.

He continued, “I tried to nullify the Maaloul front by all means. Some do not criticize me technically, and they do not want to give the club its right in the two matches, even though the players played good matches.”“.


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