Reem Al-Baroudi turns on Ali Aris and treats its sweetness


The artist, Reem Al-Baroudi, posted a new video of her through her personal account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site, with an attractive look.

Reem appears in the video with a new block, where she cuts her hair and changes its color.

Reem Al-Baroudi began her artistic career by working in advertisements, then she presented her first play and is considered her first acting role in the play “Constitution, Our Masters”, after which she presented many roles and achieved great success and showed that she possesses great talent, and her successes are followed, especially that film critics described her as mastering her work And embody it in a manner identical to the image it embodies. And she was able to build a large fan base in a short time, although she did not get her full opportunity.

It is noteworthy that Reem Al-Baroudi achieved great success through her participation in the series “Family Registration”, starring Mervat Amin, and artist Salah Abdullah.

Reem Al-Baroudi presents the program on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays at 6 pm in a varied manner that talks about the Egyptian and Arab street, and Reem Al-Baroudi also participated in the first episodes of the program and spoke about healthy nutrition for men and women.


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