Refer Mohamed Hilal, the Tigris player, to the Disciplinary Committee


The Competitions Committee of the Football Association decided, finally, to refer Mohamed Hilal, the player of the Tigris Valley, to the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association, after his attack on Omar Abdel Nasser Mohamed, one of the children carrying balls in the stadium, during the meeting of the Tigris and the Vanguards of the Last Army in the league.

Competitions committee officials revealed that a snapshot of Hilal appeared on the screens assaulting the child, to be referred to the Jabalia Disciplinary Committee, according to the list, considering it as non-sporting behavior.

The Discipline and Ethics Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, headed by Counselor Sayed Bandari, in its meeting last week, issued several decisions, namely:
First: Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, was prevented from participating in football activities for 6 matches and a fine of 200 thousand pounds.

Second: Reprimanding Mr. Kamal Farid, technical director of the Damanhour Games team, and warning him to impose a penalty in case of repeated violation.

Third: Mr. Muhammad Ramadan, assistant coach of the Mahalla municipality team, was suspended for a match, and Mr. Hussam Noureddine, head of the club’s media center, was suspended for 3 games.

Fourth: Preserve the petition submitted by FC Egypt by lifting the penalties signed by the committee against some of the team’s employees and keeping the penalties as they are.


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