Removing a cancerous tumor from the body .. Nashat Al-Daihi announces an inevitable step


Neshat Al-Daihi, a journalist, said that the procedures for removing irregularities in the buildings are “very bitter and difficult, but it is a necessary step, such as removing a cancerous tumor from the body.”

Al-Daihi, presenter of the “Paper and Pen,” broadcast on the “TeN” channel, sent a message of reassurance to the citizen on Saturday, saying: “I assure the Egyptian citizen that everyone who has sinned and corrupted is now held accountable.”

He explained that employees from local units are now being summoned, some of whom were discharged from service due to reaching the legal pension age, and all those suspected of receiving bribes to turn a blind eye to building violations have been transferred to the Public Prosecution and the Administrative Prosecution.

Regarding the value of reconciliation in violations, he explained that these fees are not a “levy” from the state. Rather, the government plans not to repeat any violation of any kind again and to close this file forever.


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