Renewed detention of 11 people for 15 days in the case of “a dead charlatan Ghamr”


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On Wednesday, the opposition judge at the Mit Ghamr court decided to renew the detention of 11 people from Ezbet Afifi in the village of Rahmaniyah, affiliated to the Mit Ghamr Center, 15 days pending investigations, in the incident of burning two cars of the village charlatan, whom the people accused of spoiling the joy of one of its sons.

The prosecution charged 8 of the defendants from the groom’s family with burning two cars, and accused 3 others of performing charlatanry and sorcery in the estate.

The eight defendants confirmed in their statements that they were subjected to witchcraft and sorcery during one of the weddings in the estate, which caused the spoilage of joy and the beating of the bride and groom to each other and the occurrence of fainting and hallucinations among the mazim, as a result of their magic in the juice of tamarind, and “the joy was broken and the groom was unable to enter his bride because of his tying The occurrence of quarrels between the weddings and the families of the newlyweds for no reason ».

A campaign to cleanse the cemeteries of Ezbet Afifi of magic and deeds
A campaign to cleanse the cemeteries of Ezbet Afifi of magic and deeds

The families of the groom accused the other three defendants of performing magic in joy, which caused crazy things to happen, and confirmed that they remained under the influence of magic, which the accused placed them for them, «Sahar. H. U », famous for“ Zaza ”, asserting that she put a spell for them in the juice with joy, and everyone who drank from it got mad that night, which made a number of the townspeople go to the house of“ Zaza ”and burn two cars belonging to the charlatan who used to live in her house, and threw The police arrested 11 people from both sides.

The defendants confirmed that they were under the influence of witchcraft for 4 days and did not burn the two cars, but they were present to write reports of witchcraft against the other three defendants.

Wahba Sami Wahba, the groom, said: “What happened in joy was something unnatural. Everyone was happy. Family and loved ones gathered in front of my house, adults and children dancing, a DJ broadcasting folk songs, and drinks were going down to the ceremonies, and I and the bride were in the kosha and everything changed in a second where I surprised people. They hit some of them for no reason, and suddenly the bride and I were throwing simple sand on me while we were in the kosha and we did not see anyone who threw it. The people took me and the bride to the house and carried us on the shoulders until we arrived and closed the door for myself for 4 days and did not go out until the police came to investigate the incident of burning two cars of the antichrist.

A campaign to cleanse the cemeteries of Ezbet Afifi of magic and deeds
A campaign to cleanse the cemeteries of Ezbet Afifi of magic and deeds

Mr. Abdul Jawad, the uncle of the groom, and one of the eyewitnesses said: “The defendant, Zaza Farah, my sister’s son, came last Friday, and I gave my sister 50 pounds a point, and then my sister fainted for no reason and we were surprised that the buffet distributed Tamarind juice to al-Mu’izzim, which is not the habit of the family The groom, the bride, my wife and my nieces drank from it, and about 8 drank from it, and suddenly I left full of joy, to start bouts of convulsions between torments, fainting and retreat, and everyone was striking in some of it without consciousness and the joy turned into a real battle. All relatives were struck in some ».

He continued: “We started using the sheikhs to deal with what had afflicted the homestead, and the first sheikh came and made a fortification for us, and things began to calm down, except that as soon as he left the estate, the frenzy of insanity returned to the homestead, so we brought other elders, but they failed and said magic is very strong, and then we were surprised by screams in the estate and the electricity was cut off and two cars were burned in front of Beit Zaza, who was in her house at the time, was a charlatan from the governorate of Giza, and the police arrested 11 Zaza, her husband, and a charlatan from Giza, and 8 of those who had caused them harm went to write records against her, so they were charged with burning the two cars and they were imprisoned.

He pointed out that the village appeared in the village some time ago, which caused the separation of families and harm to young men and women.

Major General Raafat Abdel Baath, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received a notification from Major General Mustafa Kamal, Director of the Directorate of Investigations, that a report had been received from the head of the Mit Ghamr police station, that the people of Ezbet Afifi, which is affiliated to the village of Rahmaniyah in the district district, were set on fire, and two cars belonging to a working couple in the farmhouse were set on fire. In the works of quackery and sorcery.

The Civil Protection Forces managed to extinguish the two cars, while the investigation officers dispersed the citizens, and Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Farid, head of the investigations center, moved to the place of the communication, and it became clear that two cars had broken out after the people of the estate gathered for their anger at the homeowner and his wife and accused them of engaging in charlatanry and sorcery

The necessary minutes were drawn up for the incident, and it was presented to the Public Prosecution, which ordered 11 people to be detained for 4 days pending investigations and decided to renew them on time.

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