Report .. What did Musimani say about Al-Ahly, Wydad and Sheikabala?


Petso Musimane, the former South African coach of Sundowns, is close to sitting on the technical management seat of Al-Ahly club.

A short while ago, Musimane issued an official statement via his Twitter account, announcing the end of his relationship with the South African team. (See more details)

For his part, the South African club responded to a Mosimane statement, confirming his departure and his approval of joining a major Egyptian club. (See more details)

Musimani had previously faced Al-Ahly in the African Champions League championship 4 times, and the Egyptian team suffered by his heaviest defeat in the tournament when it lost five to five without a response in the quarter-finals (Champions League) 18/19 version.

In the return match, Sundowns lost 1-0, but the defeat did not prevent him from qualifying for the Champions League semi-finals after Al-Ahly’s elimination.

The third and fourth confrontations between Musimane and Al-Ahly were in the current Champions League version. The South African team lost in the first-leg match with two unanswered goals and tied away with one goal each.

The South African coach had previously beat Zamalek in the final of the 2016 CAF Champions League, when the white team was under the leadership of Moamen Suleiman, and Sundowns managed to win 3-1 in the round-trip aggregate.

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In view of Musimani’s previous statements before his confrontations against Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Al-Wadad (Al-Ahly’s rivals in the champions), we review the following:

“They have Ramadan Subhi”

After claiming the CAF Champions League in its current version, Musimani said after the defeat to Al-Ahly by a score of 3-1 in the two round-trip aggregate: “We cannot compete with Al-Ahly. . ”

He added, “Their marketing value is great. This is the difference between us and Al-Ahly. We could not match them.”

He continued: “We faced a strong team. We played in our usual way in the match, as is the case with Al-Ahly, which did not differ much from going. He just added an element in midfield, in addition to starting with Aliu Badji in the attack.”

A tribute to Diang

In statements to the newspaper (sowetanlive), Musimani praised the efforts of Mali Alio Diang, the star of Al-Ahly, in performing his defensive and offensive roles, describing him as a good engine for the red team and that it is its most dangerous weapon.

“Barcelona and Real Madrid did not achieve what Al-Ahly did.”

Before the two teams met in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, and during the press conference for the match, Musimani overcame Al-Ahly team, pointing out that his last victory by five without a response increases the difficulty of renewed confrontation.

The South African said: “Unfortunately, we face Al-Ahly at the wrong time. The Egyptian team wins all the matches, scored more than 40 goals and received less than 4 league goals. Barcelona and Real Madrid did not achieve what Al-Ahly did this season.”

Zamalek and Shikabala

After winning the 2016 CAF Champions League after ousting Zamalek in the final match, Musimani praised Zamalek fans, who did not hesitate to encourage their team throughout the match.

Musimani said in remarks after the coronation: “The first time I see like Zamalek fans, who are cheering with unrivaled enthusiasm.”

He added, “I was happy that Shikabala had not participated in the match from the start because he was a great player and had experience.”

And when asked whether he could choose one player from Zamalek to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup, he said: “Zamalek are distinguished players, but if he had the right, he would have chosen Mustafa Fathi.”

“Morocco is my second home”

Al-Ahly is supposed to meet Moroccan Wydad in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, scheduled for next month.

Moussemani has previously faced Wydad on 10 occasions with Sundowns, and will return to face the same team for the eleventh time, but with Al-Ahly shirt.

In a previous statement to Mussimane before facing Wydad, he said that he was bored of the repetition of the confrontation against the same team.

After the two teams fell in the same group of the Champions League (the current version), Musimani changed his mind and confirmed that Morocco is his second home and stressed his enthusiasm for taking on a new challenge this season.


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