Report .. Who is Tariq Lamptey who “tortured” Premier League defenders?


A rising full-back, a small size, aged only 19 years, became the talk of all English Premier League followers before the passage of only three rounds of the competition, thanks to impressive levels he presented on the offensive and defensive levels.

The striking brilliance of Tariq Lamptey, the Brighton player, has paid many to praise his club’s management, in light of its success in winning his services from Chelsea, for only three million pounds at the beginning of this year, in one of the most prominent winning deals in English football in recent years.

Lamptey was born in the English “Hillington”, on the 30th of September 2000, where he awaits his 20th birthday within days, and he is living in an exceptional condition, after he was one of the most prominent players of his team in three consecutive rounds of the English local competition.

But Lamptey, who represented the different age stages in the English national teams, is still available against the first Ghanaian team, as his origins extend to Ghana, and the Ghana Football Association contacted him already in July of this year, but he has not made a final decision yet.

The fast-paced full-back joined the Chelsea academy ranks at the age of only nine, became one of the leading players for Chelseas U-18 youth team before turning 17, and then imposed himself into the Chelsea U-23 team at the age of just 18.

Lamptey made his way to Chelseas first team on the twenty-ninth of December 2019, when he participated as a substitute in the match that his team won against Arsenal, with two goals to one, in the twentieth round of the Premier League’s lifetime, and appeared distinctively during that confrontation, which he moved after Days to Brighton.

After the English football competition stopped, as is the case with the whole world, last March, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, Lamptey succeeded in imposing his name on the Brighton formation after the suspension that lasted for more than three months, and participated in eight consecutive matches, which saw his industry a goal against Liverpool, in the 34th round.

But the most prominent face was shown by Lamptey in the new season, as he made many fans of his former team regret losing his services, when he “tortured” the veteran Spanish, Marcos Alonso, during the first-round confrontation against Chelsea, and made his team’s only goal, despite Brighton losing 3 goals to a goal .

Lamptey succeeded in two dribbles between three attempts during the confrontation, and he also presented impressive defensive levels, cutting the ball three times, and making three successful interventions, and the short stature player succeeded in six touchdowns between ten interferences against his opponents, and succeeded in one aerial intervention.

Lamptey continued his dazzling appearance, and caused Newcastle’s defenders’ worst times in the second round, as his run-ins and dribbles caused Jonjo Shelvey and Jamal Lewis to receive early warnings, and also caused a penalty kick that awarded his team a goal between a clean hat-trick that they won.

The rising star continued his defensive levels, cutting the ball four times in front of Newcastle, and winning a ground contact between seven tackles he fought, before he went out injured in the 58th minute.

Despite the readiness of Manchester United stars for the player who does not stop activity before facing the third round, Lamptey continued his brilliance, and won a new penalty kick that awarded his team a goal, despite losing 3 to 2 goals, and he also continued his distinguished defensive levels, by cutting the ball twice, and making a successful intervention , And winning eight tackles.


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