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Sunday 06 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

The Social Housing Fund and Real Estate Financing Support starts the procedures for reserving 2,271 apartments in the projects of “Egypt Housing, Dar Misr and Paradise”, distributed in 13 new cities, which were launched in cooperation between the Social Housing Fund and Real Estate Financing Support, and the New Urban Communities Authority, for citizens of Mediterranean Income, following the closing of the electronic registration door and the payment of contributions, on Thursday, August 27th.

“Masrawy” publishes the details of the submission and reservation of a unit on the website with the priority system, which came as follows:

– Reservations begin in priority at 12:00 noon, and until Sunday 27 September at 12:00 midnight.

Reservations are made through the online portal of the Social Housing and Real Estate Financing Support Fund:“.

– The applicant enters to book through the website using the username and password previously used to submit papers.

– The customer chooses the code for the housing unit to be reserved – in the event that it is not reserved by another citizen – from the forms available in the conditions brochure published on the site, given that the allocation takes precedence over reservation.

– The customer can amend the desire to reserve during that period so that what counts is the final choice of the customer, but on the condition that the amount in advance of the seriousness of the previous payment is sufficient to reserve the selected residential unit.

– After closing the door to reserving the residential units, the documents required for the bookers will be examined and sorted stipulated in the bid book, and in the event that none of the required documents are fulfilled, grievance requests will be made available to complete those documents during the period from 5/10/2020: 10/19/2020. Announcing the mechanism for submitting these requests in a timely manner.

– The total number of applicants on the portal reached 5134 citizens, divided to the number of 1765 applicants for the housing of Egypt, the number of 1515 applicants for Dar Masr, and the number of 1863 applicants for Jannah.

As for the total of those who paid for the serious reservation advance required for the three projects, it amounted to 4,683 citizens, of whom 431 were citizens who were not registered.

– In case of any inquiry or question, the telephone numbers of the Fund’s customer service call center are called at numbers: 5999, 5777 or 1188 from any mobile phone, and the number 090071117 from any land line from 9 am: 9 pm, seven days a week Except on Friday and Saturday.

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