Residents of Wuhan express their sadness at the continuing impact of Corona


With the death of more than a million people in the world as a result of Corona, the residents of Wuhan expressed their sadness at the continuing global impact of the epidemic more than nine months after its appearance in this city.

ووهان: The pride resulting from the steadfastness of Wuhan, China, in the face of the tragedy, is mixed with grief over the mounting death toll in other places. “The number of deaths has reached one million, and if we talk in terms of the total number of the world’s population, this number is not great,” said Hu Lingquan, who lives in Wuhan. “But it is about the lives of people … and everyone has a family,” he told AFP.

On Monday, children were holding their parents’ hands as they headed to school during rush hour in a city where life was almost normal.

With the number of deaths worldwide exceeding one million and with resistance to the threat of re-imposing lockdown measures in cities such as London, Madrid and Melbourne, China is celebrating its victory over the virus and out of the crisis it caused on all levels.

The economy began to recover with the reopening of factories and the return of consumers to stores after the epidemic was eliminated after months of complete closure, mass testing and tracking of infected people and their contacts.

Wuhan, the city in central China that was the starting point for the virus to the countries of the world, has celebrated its economic recovery by organizing crowded parties in swimming pools and reopening parks and bustling amusement parks.

No new infections since May

But those scenes that the residents of Wuhan and its officials boast of have been received poorly in the rest of the world, which is still struggling to control the spread of the virus and its economic repercussions, while voices are calling for China to be held accountable for the causes of the outbreak.

The severity of the viruss spread was realized in the city of 11 million, after recording 50,340 infections and 3,869 deaths, which is the largest number of infections and deaths in China.

But no new infection has been recorded in the city since May, and many in Wuhan are currently questioning the global response to the epidemic, which China seems to have succeeded in eliminating so far.

Also, Beijing has also raised doubts as to the original origin of the virus, which angered the most affected countries, led by the United States led by Donald Trump, who referred to the disease as “the China virus.”

“From Chinas point of view, it has performed poorly,” Hu said, adding, “You may not really realize how serious this is.”

The World Health Organization warns that the epidemic will continue to claim lives until an effective vaccine is found and distributed to countries of the world.

“When the outbreak began, I didn’t imagine the death toll would be so high,” Wuhan resident Guo Jing told AFP.

“(The number of deaths) has exceeded the expectations of many people and it continues to rise,” he said.

But in this city whose name has become synonymous with the virus, residents are beginning to behave lax with the epidemic.

On Monday, a large number of pedestrians were seen wearing masks on their chins instead of covering their mouths and noses, with shoppers crowding in commercial areas in Wuhan before the start of the week-long holiday.

“Life has started again in Wuhan. Everyone who lives in it feels comfortable,” Ann An, a media worker, told AFP.

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