Right your hair before what is left on the zero .. foods that prevent hair loss


Many people, men or women, suffer from hair loss in a varying amount, but there are people whose hair falls out so intensely that voids appear in their heads and day after day they may find themselves having partial or complete baldness.

There are those who resort to chemotherapy to treat this problem, and few people resort to natural food.

Here are some foods, vegetables and fruits, that reduce hair loss and nourish the scalp, which gives the hair follicle strength and durability:


Contains vitamin “E” that nourishes the scalp, so a daily pill is sufficient.

– sweet potato

They prevent baldness and are a valuable source of “beta-carotene” and accelerate hair growth.

There is an issue that must be paid attention to, which is malnutrition. Anemia must be treated and a good diet that contains important elements for the body will prevent hair loss.


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