Romantic preacher 2020 .. Moez Masoud plays the guitar and the hearts of actresses collapse


Egyptian actress Sherry Adel commented on her relationship with the preacher Moez Masoud, her ex-husband, after news of his association with the artist Hala Shiha

And she said: “My reward from Moez Masoud was not the reason for my delay, and he respects me and I respect him and I hope that the relationship favors such longevity.

And she continued: “I have been busy in marital life, and when the subject has no share in it, I returned to focus on my work, not having the need that makes me return in need, and I don’t want to talk in my personal life or trade with it.”

Regarding the reason for her absence the previous period, she said: “I never retired, but the reason for my absence is circumstances I passed through, and time stole me.

And news spread during the past few days about “the association of the artist Hala Shiha with the preacher Moez Masoud, where a love story arose between them during the past months, and he used to accompany her in photographing her artistic works.”

Moez Masoud, via “Instagram”, posted a picture of him in the street while playing the guitar, and commented: “Thank you very much to the wonderful person who seized this difficult moment … You know who you are.” ? ” Laird Moez, “a very special person”

Moez Masoud


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