Ronaldo leads Juventus to a dramatic draw against Roma in the Italian league … video


Juventus snatched a precious draw from its host, Roma, with a score of 2-2, in the meeting that brought the two teams together on Sunday evening, at the “Olympico” stadium, at the top of the second round matches of the new season, from the Italian League “Calcio”, and finished the Roma team The first half, beating with a score of 2-1, Jordan Vertu scored the first goal of Roma in the 31st minute of the match, but the Portuguese star Cristiano and Naldo succeeded in achieving the equalizer for Juventus, also from a penalty kick, in the 44th minute, and Vertu returned, To score the goal of the wolves of the Italian capital, in the first minute of time instead of stoppage, and in the second half, the French midfielder for Juventus, Adrian Rabio, was sent off in the 62nd minute, after receiving the second yellow card.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo snatched the old lady’s team equalizer in the 69th minute, with a great header, taking advantage of a cross from Brazilian Danilo.

Juventus raised a score for the fourth point, in which it ranked fourth in the Italian league table, while Roma won the first point, after being considered a 3-0 loser, in its first match against Hellas Virus, which ended negatively, due to a management error, by engaging An unrestricted player on the team roster.


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