Ronaldo saves “incomplete” Juventus and draws with Roma


A positive draw dominated the meeting between Roma and Juventus, with two goals for the same in the second round of the Italian League.

Ferrito scored the first goal of the match in the 30th minute with a penalty kick, and Cristiano Ronaldo equalized the result in the 44th minute with a penalty kick.

And Ferretto scored again before the end of the first half, and Ronaldo scored the equalizer for Juventus in the 69th minute.

Juventus completed the match with 10 players since the 60th minute after Adrien Rabiot received a red card after receiving two warnings.

Juventus reached the fourth point in third place in the league table, and Roma claimed their first point in thirteenth place.

the summary of the match

Henrik Mukhtarian missed an opportunity for a goal investigator in the 11th minute of the match, after he eluded Juventus defenders, and hit a weak ball that was saved by Chesney.

Roma got a penalty kick in the 30th minute of the match, after the Roma player hit a ball that collided with Rabios hand inside the penalty area.

And Ferretto, the Roma player, implemented the penalty kick, and succeeded in converting it into a goal, to lead Roma in the match.

Before the end of the first half, Ronaldo penetrated into the penalty area and hit a ball, but it hit the hand of the Roma defender, so that the referee decided to award a penalty kick for Juventus.

And Ronald paid the penalty kick, and converted it into the net with success in the 44th minute of the match.

The Roma players responded to Ronaldos goal quickly, through a counterattack through Mukhtarian, who passed a wonderful pass to Ferretto inside the penalty area to separate goalkeeper Chesney and divert the ball into the net with the second goal.

Roma striker Eden Djikko missed the opportunity for an investigator goal in the 56th minute, after receiving a cross pass inside the penalty area, dodging the Juventus defender and shooting it with his left, but the ball hit the right post and went outside the stadium.

Rabiu, the Juventus player, received a second yellow card in the 60th minute of the match. The referee declared a red card in the face of the Juventus player, so Juventus completed the match with ten players.

In the 69th minute, Danilo set off from the right front and passed a wonderful cross that Ronaldo met with a powerful header that landed in the net of Roma, to equalize the result in favor of Juventus.


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