Sada al-Balad: the full story of finding the body of a girl slaughtered inside her home in Mahalla … and eyewitnesses: inheritance password


The village of Kafr Qaryitna, affiliated to the Mahalla district in the Gharbia governorate, witnessed today a continuing state of sadness and grief on the faces and hearts of thousands of families and families to find the body of a girl in her second decade of life slaughtered inside her house in the center of the village, which left everyone in a state of shock and pain until the perpetrator’s identity was revealed Incident.

The security services in Al-Gharbia Governorate are intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of the fact that the body of a lifeless girl was found slaughtered with a white weapon inside her home in the village of Kafr Qortina in the district of Mahalla.

And dating events Reality When Major General Hany Medhat, Director of Gharbia Security, received a notification from the head of the Mahalla al-Kubra police station, reports came from the people of Kafr Qaryitneh stating that they had found the body of a 16-year-old girl named “Mona A. Al”, who was drenched in blood inside her home and had a cut wound in Neck using a white weapon.

In addition, a force from the police station’s investigation force moved to the location of the incident to investigate it and inspect the girl’s house, and the tool used in the accident was seized.

And intensify the security services in the West. Among its efforts under the supervision of the officers of the Criminal Investigation Branch led by Colonel Khaled Abdel-Gawad, of his efforts to uncover the circumstances of the incident and determine its causes.

An ambulance was also designated to transport the body to the Mahalla General Hospital, and to transfer it to the Minshawi Hospital morgue, for forensic examination.

Eyewitnesses from the families and families of the village reported that the causes and repercussions of the accident are believed to be due to disagreements over the family inheritance, and the security authorities have been notified of the incident.

The Criminal Investigation Department was tasked with investigating the circumstances and circumstances of the incident, issuing a report on the incident, and the prosecution began to investigate the incident, and decided to assign forensic medicine to autopsy and bury the body.

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